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Please carefully read the following:

Before you attempt to become a subscriber in order to obtain BridgeDD PRO, please make sure to download and activate the BridgeDD Requirements plugin. If you receive an error message on the plugins page after activating the requirements plugin, your server and/or WordPress installation is not compatible with BridgeDD PRO. I will not issue a refund of your subscription if the requirements plugin shows your site does not support BridgeDD PRO.

I also will not automatically issue a refund if you become a subscriber and quickly decide it "does not work". You'll need to start a support topic, and if I determine that there is some sort of compatibility issue, I will then gladly issue a refund.

BridgeDD PRO is a significant enhancement to BridgeDD, and it requires a subscription. Here is a list of the additional features BridgeDD PRO offers:

  1. Cross-posted articles can be displayed in their original format in phpBB
  2. Integration of replies to cross-posted articles
  3. Integration of avatars in cross-posted articles
  4. Theme Integration
  5. Support for phpBB 3.1.x and 3.2.x

Now let's go through each of these in detail.

  1. When BridgeDD cross-posts an article, a topic is created in phpBB that contains an excerpt to the article, along with a "Read Full Article" button that will take the user to the original article. BridgeDD PRO takes this one step further: when you cross-post an article, you can select whether the "Read Full Article" button is a link to the original article, or displays the article with its original HTML. This is an extremely powerful feature, but in many cases it requires adding CSS from your WordPress site to phpBB.
  2. When an article is cross-posted in BridgeDD, comments in WordPress and replies in phpBB are independent. BridgeDD PRO gives you the ability to integrate the comments/replies. You will have the choice of forcing all comments/replies to be on phpBB (this is how BridgeDD Premium and older versions of BridgeDD PRO worked), or displaying comments/replies on both WordPress and phpBB. You can also select the number of comments to be displayed in WordPress, complete with a button that takes the user to phpBB where they can view all the replies.
  3. BridgeDD PRO gives you the ability to choose whether WordPress or phpBB avatars are displayed in WordPress comments to cross-posted articles. You also have the ability to select between WordPress and phpBB avatars for article authors. If phpBB avatars are chosen and the user does not have a phpBB avatar, their WordPress avatar will be used. (Note that display of avatars in WordPress articles and comments is theme-specific.)

    Here is an example of the first three features in use:

    http://fextralife.com/interview-the-wit ... lay-video/

    You can see that all comments/replies are displayed in both WordPress and phpBB, that phpBB avatars are used in WordPress, and that the avatar of the author of the last comment is a WordPress avatar because the user did not define a phpBB avatar. In addition, clicking the "Read Full Article" button in phpBB will display the original HTML.
  4. Theme integration is by far the most powerful feature in BridgeDD PRO. You have the ability to export your menus and widgets from WordPress and define them as variables in your phpBB templates. This gives you the ability, in most cases, to re-create your WordPress header, sidebar, and/or footer in phpBB without the need to load WordPress.

    However, this is not a "plug and play" operation. If a menu or widget doesn't follow WordPress coding guidelines, it may not be possible to export that menu/widget. In addition, the CSS and Javascript used by the menus/widgets you export must be manually added to phpBB. In some cases this will be a fairly simple task. In many cases it will be an involved task. If the menus/widgets you export are "heavy" (using things such as shortcodes, or enhanced via plugins), adding the required CSS/JS can be an enormous task. I will be blunt. If you are not comfortable with CSS and Javascript, in all likelihood you cannot do the integration yourself. I can do the integration for you, but there will be a fee which is proportional to the amount of work involved. In either case I am more than happy to provide tips and guidance to assist you with the integration.

    Here is an example of theme integration with BridgeDD PRO 2.0:


    Note how the main menu and selected footer widgets have been imported into phpBB. The site required a small amount of CSS to be imported into phpBB.
  5. BridgeDD PRO is, I believe, the only WordPress↔phpBB bridge which supports phpBB 3.1+. There are many reasons for this, but the most important is that phpBB 3.1+ cannot (in its current form) support bridging through its new extension system -- core edits are required. The use of core edits means that using BridgeDD PRO with phpBB 3.1+ requires additional steps when you update phpBB 3.1+.

To summarize: BridgeDD PRO offers many powerful features not available in any other WordPress↔phpBB bridge. However, some of these features require work on your part to achieve their full potential. If you are unable to do that work, and/or are unwilling to pay someone to do the work for you, then BridgeDD PRO may not be for you.

If you require additional information, please feel free to contact me by using the Contact Us link at the bottom right of every page on this board.

More information about becoming a BridgeDD subscriber can be found in the Subscriber topic.